This License is made by CODEINTEREST.COM, to the Customer as an essential element of the services to be rendered by CODEINTEREST as defined in the system specification and any associated documents and agreement. System shall mean the deliverable product as defined in these documents.

Customer and CODEINTEREST agree that this Software License is deemed to be part of, and subject to, the terms of the Agreement applicable to both parties.


i. CODEINTEREST hereby grants to Customer a worldwide, eternal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to all software for Customer's use in connection with the establishment, use, maintenance and modification of the system implemented by CODEINTEREST. Software shall mean executable object code of software programs and the patches, scripts, modifications, enhancements, designs, concepts or other materials that constitute the software programs necessary for the proper function and operation of the system as delivered by the CODEINTEREST and accepted by the Customer.

ii. Except as expressly set forth in this paragraph, CODEINTEREST shall at all times own all intellectual property rights in the software. Any and all licenses, product warranties or service contracts provided by third parties in connection with any software, hardware or other software or services provided in the system shall be delivered to Customer for the sole benefit of Customer.

iii. Customer may supply to CODEINTEREST or allow the CODEINTEREST to use certain proprietary information, including service marks, logos, graphics, software, documents and business information and plans that have been authored or pre-owned by Customer. All such intellectual property shall remain the exclusive property of Customer and shall not be used by CODEINTEREST for any purposes other than those associated with delivery of the system.


i. Customer may make copies of the software for archival purposes and as required for modifications to the system. All copies and distribution of the software shall remain within the direct control of Customer and its representatives.